The School Situation

Lily came home from school yesterday visibly upset. The school situation has been weighing on our minds for some time. Main stream school might not be right for Lily.

She is a couple of years behind with her learning. The real struggle however is the “social” aspect of school. She has a very close friend (or boyfriend ass she would say) and another friend. Outside of those two she has always found it difficult to mix with the other children.

In some ways the school have been good on helping Lily. There are times where she goes into smaller groups. She enjoys these sessions. Outside of that, Lily is complaining the school is to busy. Having been in the classroom a few times. It is clear she is finding the environment overwhelming, the school situation is great source of stress at the moment.

Yesterday there was an incident with some other children. It’s not clear exactly what happened. Lily finds it difficult to express her feelings and to explain herself. This could be what led to the problem at school. 

This just adds more weight to the thought that the school isn’t right. After the battles we’ve been through to get Jack to the school he is now at. We know the difficult road that lies ahead. With the added fact that Lily is not as obviously severe as Jack.

It was a difficult evening for Jack. He was upset about Lily. Whilst still on edge about his broken phone. He came downstairs at 10pm demanding to go Pokemon hunting. It took about 30 minutes to get him back to bed. With the help of the “snuggly’s who I will introduce the snuggly’s in a separate post. They are very important to Jack, and deserve their own post.

Dad Does Autism

My name is Adam. I live with my partner Natalie, and our 2 children Jack and Lily. Both children are autistic, it is now my mission to show what life around autism is like. Spread the awareness and gain the acceptance that autistic people deserve.

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