Sibling group problems & fun with dogs

Sibling group problems & fun with dogs

Once a month. Lily gets to go to a sibling group. It’s for children with brothers or sisters with Autism. It’s something else we get through Jack. Lily gets nothing in her own right. But it’s something she really enjoys and looks forward to. She usually spends the time doing some arts & crafts. We know there is at least one girl she talks to.

Unfortunately the sibling group was cancelled today. Due to not enough people attending. Lily was disappointed. She could really have done with it. After the way this weeks gone. I really hope this isn’t going to be a problem going forward. It already feels unfair that Jack gets to go out every week with rest-bites. Then twice a month with his over night rest-nite.

We try and do things with Lily when Jacks at rest-bite. But money is tight and we can’t always afford to go out. I know Lily feels she doesn’t get to do as much we Jack.

We did the usual go to my parents for dinner. As well as Mack the dog. The kids had my brothers dog Henry to play with. Who is staying with my parents for a few nights. So it was double the fun. We took them for a walk to the local park. Jack especially liked getting to hold Mack’s lead.

Jack took a video of Mack sitting on the park bench with him. He’s using TikTok. Jack loves creating videos on there. We didn’t really know what it was when he first went on there. We had some problems with him wanting to message everyone. So he can only use it on my phone. When supervised. So he can keep being creative. Which I think is important.

Jacks bond with Mack is great. He’s never any calmer than when he’s with him. Jacks love for animals and nature is really nice to see. Lily is growing up the same way. She told me today Greta Thunberg was her hero.

It was a nice visit overall. Unfortunately as Lily got tired. She became overwrought and got upset. This caused Jack to get angry. So I took him outside to try and calm him down. He was seeking deep pressure. To help him regulate his sensory needs and anxiety. So we pulled and pushed each other about for a few minutes.

In the distance we heard a dog bark. So I barked back. Much to Jacks amusement. So I ended up barking at this dog for 5-10 minutes. The things we do to help our children. It worked though, as Jack was ready to go back inside.

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Lily Shines AT Sports Festival

Lily Shines AT Sports Festival

Today Lily was at a sports festival. We was up late trying to get Jacks Living Allowance form completed. I kept falling asleep much to Natalie’s annoyance. We needed to get it sent off today. So most of today has been spent on it as well. 72 questions that require great detail. I will be glad to see the back of it. 

Then we’ve got to fill one out for Lily. The fun never stops. I think we’ll take a bit of a break, before doing Lily’s.

Sports Festival

Going back to yesterday’s post. We found out what she would be doing at the Sports Festival. She had been elected as part of a team of five. To play in a Boccia competition. If like me, you have no idea what Boccia is. Wikipedia is always our friend. Turns out, it’s a sort of sit down bowls.

Lily was excited. But also told us she was nervous, because it will be busy. Once the games started. She was fine. 20 schools took part in the competition. They had to play each team once. Lily’s school came in 2nd place. With 18 wins and 1 loss. They got a wristband for finishing second. That she is really proud off. The school are doing them certificates tomorrow. To say Lily is excited about getting her certificate would be an understatement.

Sports festival wristband
Lily wristband, which may never be taken off…

It’s so good to see Lily able to engage in something like this. Jack always really struggled with anything like this. To the point, when we went to his school fair. We took him to the hall where the fair was. The whole school were amazed we could get him to walk around the hall. But both of these achievements made me just as proud, because to each one it was a huge deal.

Back at home

Lily has very hyper when she got home. So I let them both go out in the garden to run off some steam. It was all good. Until it was time to go inside, and Lily started crying. Jack immediately got angry. I managed to get Lily to go in the house. So that I could deal with Jack. He was angry, but not to the full extent he can be. Talking to him, and some gentle physical encouragement. I managed to get him in the house fairly quickly.

Once inside I asked him if he wanted a drink. He replied, “No! I don’t want see you.” Then after a short pause. “Er yes I’m thirsty. But then I don’t want to see you.” And he went off to his room. I had to smile. By the time I took his drink up he had fully calmed down. Which was a relief.

There have been times. That the exact same incident could have turned into a battle that takes 3-4 hours to calm down. I like to think that there’s been progress. In not just how Jack copes with these situations. But also how I cope with them. There’s not a manual for trying to calm down an angry autistic child. One who’s the size of an adult and just wants to smash everything, including you. Today it went well. Fingers crossed it stays like this.

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