Easy to make Paper Roll Animals

Easy to make Paper Roll Animals

I said a while ago in one of the blog posts about Lily’s Art, that we were going to make some paper roll animals. It’s taken longer than I planned to get round to it, but finally here they are. Lily made two animals, a fox and a unicorn. These are fairly easy to make paper roll animals, so if you don’t know how to make them. I will show you the simple steps, to make a really cute fox.

What you will need

  • Obviously you will need a paper roll. We used the bigger kitchen rolls, but any kind will do.
  • Coloured paper – orange or brown, we actually found some orange felt in Lily’s craft stuff, which was a bonus, and really added to the look. (you can paint the rolls instead if you prefer).
  • White paper
  • Glue, scissors, black marker pen/felt tip
  • Googly eyes

Simple instructions

The first thing you need to do is glue the coloured paper to the paper roll. Fold the excess paper at the top inwards from both sides to make an arch, this makes the foxes ears.

Cut the tail out of your coloured paper, and the tip out of white paper, and glue together. Then glue the tail onto the back of the fox.

Finally, cut a heart shape out of white paper, and draw on the facial features with a black marker. Lily chose to use stick on google eyes for here fox. Glue the face on the front and you have your completed fox. Lily added a blue paper straw, because this isn’t any ordinary fox. This is a ninja fox!

Easy to make paper roll animals - fox
the finished ninja fox

Alternative easy to make paper roll animals

If the fox isn’t the animal for you, then there are plenty of other animals too make. There’s lots of different places with instructions for different animals. We found this one https://www.easypeasyandfun.com/ with lots of different ideas. Lily also made a unicorn one, which required getting some coloured string and glitter out.

Easy to make paper roll animals - unicorn

Lily loves the unicorn one, I definitely prefer the fox. Which one do you prefer? What other animal would you like to see made? Feel like making one yourself? We’d love to see what you make. Leave a comment below or find us on Twitter @DadDoesAutism or the Dad Does Autism Facebook page. We’d love to see animals too.

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Oh no it’s Play-Doh

Oh no it’s Play-Doh

Oh no it’s play-doh. The P word! The word that sends a feeling of fear and dread into straight into the heart of any parent. I set up Lily’s art table. It is a foldable table that is mostly used for Lily’s Arts & Crafts, which will be clear to see in the photo below. This time though she didn’t want to do art, she wanted to get the play-doh out. She has been doing lots of art as usual, which I will show later in the post. So I guess she wanted a change.

Oh no it’s play-doh

Whenever we seem to be running out of the stuff, their mum goes and buys loads more. Which I really appreciate….

The stuff gets everywhere, and as any parent who is crazy enough to let their child have play-doh will know. It is a right pain in the arse to clean up, especially if it’s been trodden in the carpet.

Lily’s paintings

She coloured in a mask picture, and then wanted to make some actual masks. I cut an eye mask out of paper for her to decorate, and then we managed to find a plain face mask that she could decorate. Lily loves decorating them, and really loves wearing them too.

The next three pieces are all quite different. Lily has been practising drawing animals, which is something she’s not too confident with. Often when she struggles with something, she will get frustrated and give up. So it’s been nice to see her really trying to improve over the last week.

She also cut out a aeroplane shape and put it on a black card background. Then she used blow straw painting to decorate. I really love this one, I think it looks great. Finally she had done a self portrait, I particularly like the crazy hair.

As always Lily would like to hear which ones are people favourite, so please comment in the box below. Now speak of “oh no it’s play-doh”, it’s time I went and saw what the mess is like….

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Hanging around the garden

Hanging around the garden

Just a little update post, mainly about how we have been hanging around the garden. Since Natalie did the last post about homeschooling, it’s been a few days since I’ve done anything. I’ve got plenty of ideas, but with children to entertain all day it’s not easy. I can’t stand being disturbed when I’m working, so it’s not fair to try when the kids are around. As I will just get short tempered with, it’s not there fault we are all stuck at home all day.

So what have we been doing? Like I said, it has mostly been hanging around the garden. Lily’s Grandad dropped off a pedal go cart for her, which she was extremely excited about. Jack and Lily both got to say hello to their grandparents, before they left. Which was nice, it’s the first time they’d seen any family since the lockdown began. So just getting to say Hello, was good for them.

Hanging around the garden go cart

Lily has had great fun racing the go cart around, to the point we are having a hard time getting her off it. At least she is enjoying herself. Last week I really felt like the lockdown was having an effect on her. The go cart has given her a new lease of life, over the last couple of days.

Gardening and Birds

I have been getting some gardening done. We have some big bushes in our back garden. I chopped them all down last year, but they’ve grown back quickly. They are a bit of a pain, but they seem to be a haven for Birds to make birds nests. The bushes go up against a fence and trellis, and the rest of the back garden has high walls.

It’s obviously a safe place for nesting, we had 5 nests last year. We have the first one already this year. I don’t know who enjoys watching the birds fly in and out more, me or the kids.

I’ve been quite pleased with how my gardening has been going in the front garden. It’s the best it’s looked since we’ve lived here, though it still needs quite a bit of work on it. Jack wants to help me with the gardening. He made a video of his idea of “helping”.

Perhaps I’ll persuade his to do some weeding tomorrow, but I doubt it.

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Step by Step Homeschooling  Success

Step by Step Homeschooling Success

For today’s post, I am stepping aside for Jack & Lily’s Mum. To take you through step by step a homeschooling success with Lily. I mentioned some time ago that after Lily’s chromosome micro deletion diagnosis, we had been tested for it. The results came back that it was passed on from Natalie. Her understanding of the kids has always been amazing, this perhaps explains where it comes from, especially with Lily. As I didn’t write it, I’m quite happily to boast that this post is an amazing insight into homeschooling and communicating with the children. Something I’ve been really struggling with myself.

Step by step homeschooling success

Hi everyone I’m Natalie, Adams partner and mother to our two children Jack and Lily.

Today has been a good day. This afternoon I came downstairs to play with Lily whilst Adam got a few bits done. Lily and I was having a big tickle fight, she absolutely loves tickle fights! This distracted her from wanting daddy too.

Happily chasing her round our living room saying ‘I’m going to get you’ lily happily laughing her head off waiting for me to catch her. She collapsed laughing on the sofa whilst I was tickling her. As Lily was in a good mood I thought it would be a good opportunity to see if she’d do some schoolwork. Now we can’t mention the school part as Lily becomes far too distressed, and anxious at the very thought.

Getting started

So instead I said “oh look what I’ve found, I wonder if you can put this sentence together” Lily laughing replied happily “oh yes I can” so the “oh no you can’t” game starts. It’s always best to keep Lily’s interest where possible so I always try my best to keep tasks to interests of hers. Before we knew it Lily had completed the worksheet finding it interesting and no pressure of it being schoolwork she was enjoying doing it.

So I turned the page over to Lily’s delight all that she needed to do was copy the sentences putting capital letters at the start and full stops at the end. Lily wizzed through this page, “Mummy this is easy”. Every step of the way I tell Lily how well she’s doing, how proud of her I am and how clever she is. Lily likes praise so doing this throughout encourages Lily to carry on. Of course at the end of each sheet we add a quick tickle fight in and big praise for how amazing she’d done to complete the sheet.

The joy of maths

Still on a high note with the odd tickle in between Lily was happy to carry on still unaware it’s school work. Lily wanted to now do a maths sheet as maths is her favourite. See with maths it’s more black and white than English, her answers are either right or wrong which is more straight forward so she can cope with this.

Lily turns to number lines and with my guidance on how to work the sums out, Lily happily sat next to me smiling away giving me her answers with a little doubt in her voice. So I decided to make out I had no idea on the last 5 sums. I was pretending to act surprised and shocked when she gave me the workings out and answers. Lily really enjoyed teaching mum instead of mum teaching her. Making it a game seemed so much more fun and kept Lily’s interest throughout.

Incorporating an activity Lily loves

Subtraction was next only it was a picture of an elephant with sums in squares. She needed to solve the sum in each square, to be able to then colour the square in with the right colour from the chart of answers above. Lily loving arty projects I knew this was perfect for her. She has no confidence with subtraction and my maths isn’t brilliant. So I showed Lily how to use a number line to help her do the sums.

Colouring the elephant
Working hard

Throughout this sheet Lily wanted to guess which colour that square was, then do the sums as this kept Lily’s attention. So that’s what we did. We would both guess a colour first then work out her sums to see who was right, making this as fun as possible I’d say ‘oh no I got that one wrong’ she absolutely loved this. Lily took great pleasure in doing these sums so she could colour the elephant in. With her loving art this task is a fantastic way for lily to engage in learning, and be able to combine art together. Lily only saw this as an arty task, and had no idea she was learning along the way.

Homeschooling success coloured elephant
The completed elephant

Then Lily’s meltdown hits hard

Her final sheet was reading comprehension on Honeybees. Lily chose this sheet as she wanted to learn more about wonderful Honeybees.

Lily was fine whilst I read to her the information sheet which contained the answers for the questions on the following page. However Lily’s mood quickly changed, on the first question seeing she needed to write a medium size sentence, and thinking she needed to do this for every question. Lily started becoming distressed and a meltdown started. Crying, upset and anxious Lily kept repeating that ‘it’s too much’ ‘No one likes me’ I can’t do it’ ‘I’m too stupid’.

I sat next to Lily calmly, and spoke quietly as well as calmly to her, holding her by putting one arm round her and gently applied deep pressure by hugging her. I calmly said ‘Lily it’s ok, your very clever, look at all these sheets you’ve done. Wow your so much cleverer than me! Lets take a few minutes, it’s ok.” I was already seeing this as a big homeschooling success, but I wanted to see if we could do this last piece of work.

Controlling the anxiety and sensory overload

At this point I invited Lily to stand up with me and to walk round our living room calmly. I then sat down whilst Lily did 10 big jumps, at this point Lily sat next too me. I calmly mentioned how good the picture of the honeybees was and the interesting fact about their wiggle dance. We were soon both laughing, and having ago at their wiggle dance.

I then calmly said let’s give this question a go. I wonder what we can learn about honeybees, let’s do it word by word. At first Lily started to become upset again crying, but by remaining calmly at her side and just gently reminding her that it’s only one question. Which is about the difference between bumblebees and honeybees. By taking it one word at a time she’s so clever that she could do this. Still crying she reluctantly carried on writing out her answer. At this point Lily started to say she was tired so we finished this question and had a 5 minute break.

To keep Lily interested I started asking what colours are bees? She said black and yellow so I quickly replied with oh wow look your using a black and yellow stripped pencil it looks the same as bees. Lily was excited by this, laughing she said “Bees will think this pencil is another bee mummy and the end is there sting” this encouraged Lily to carry on.

There’s nothing wrong with giving a little help

With Lily struggling to read, I would read the section of text again. Where the answers to each individual question were in. Once I had read the information to her, I would repeat the question. Giving Lily plenty of time to process both what I had just said, and for her to find her answer.

Lily has always needed extra processing time. So by allowing her this extra time I was removing pressure and avoiding the meltdowns that would follow. After a few minutes I would gently guide Lily if she had not given me any answers. Again this would be done in a playful manner “oh Lily I think it’s somewhere on this line, what about you?” At this I was directing Lily towards the answer without giving it to her.

With reading Lily struggles to read text when it’s black text on white paper. She has previously said the letters/numbers move about. Which is common for children and adults alike, that have learning disabilities. So Lily uses a little slip of red see through plastic sheet, that she puts over the text to make this stand out more. Therefore making it easier for her to read. This also makes it clearer for Lily to read and stops the letters/numbers moving about on the page.

How we helped Lily to Read

The sheets we use and that I used as a child, are coloured projector sheets. If you wish to try this with your child,to start with you’ll need the different colour sheets. Then get a piece of text the text being black on a white piece of paper. This could be in a text book, worksheet or something you type up on a Microsoft word account and print out. Sit with your child and have this document with you. Then simply place the text infront of your child and then place the different coloured sheets over the page with the text, on doing each colour sheet individually.

Each time ask your child if they can see as well as read the text easier with the coloured sheet on the page. At the end ask which colour sheet makes it easier for them to read. At this point you may need to place a few sheets back over the text for your child to be able to say fully. Each child is different so may find different colours suit them better than others.

Then going forwards when doing readings or writing tasks with your child use the colour sheet to place over what your child is reading. I would recommend having a few spare colour sheets that your child prefers. We’ve also designed it so it’s cut to the size of a sentence or 2 so Lily doesn’t always need the full sheet, and it helps Lily to identify where she is within the text.

You can buy these in most places, here’s a direct link to amazons website where it’s tends to be the cheapest place to purchase them. Should you wish to try them with your child. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Assorted-Colour-Acetate-Transparent-Plastic/dp/B00Y0VDRZK

Finishing the work

Homeschooling success

Knowing it would be too much for her to write full sentences, like the worksheet asks. I instead just asked Lily to simply write the answers below the questions to reduce the pressure on her. As Lily worked her way through the questions she’d become a lot happier. Talking freely about things she’d already learnt about honeybees and putting that together with the sheet. One question Lily didn’t require any help with, and she was very proud of herself for this, as she should be. Then the last question came. This was a fascinating fact about honeybees. Lily wanted to say about there wiggle dance, so she copied the text to answer the question, and every so often we’d be laughing as we’d have a go at the wiggle dance.

This completed Lily’s worksheets for today. At the end I could not believe she’d completed 6 worksheets. The whole time I’d made it fun and interesting keeping her mind busy, and not at any point did I mention that it was schoolwork. She was allowed breaks including movement breaks, as Lily is very hyperactive, and struggles with staying still. This was a huge homeschooling success. More importantly Lily was super proud of herself. At no point did I actually think Lily would take part, or that she’d work through her meltdown with me. Then come out the other side happy and excited.

Lily’s reward for doing all these sheets was to play hide and seek with daddy and her baby doll who she hasn’t given a name yet. She was very excited about this and very proud of herself.

We never claim to be super parents, and homeschooling has proved difficult. Today was the most work Lily has done in a day, and we are so proud of her. Do you have any homeschooling success stories? How are you engaging your children in learning? Leave a comment below. The

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Self Isolation Questionnaire

Self Isolation Questionnaire

Today’s post is a sort of Self Isolation questionnaire. I was never much into blogs before I started writing my own, but now I read a lot of them. There are lots of good stories and ideas out there. One thing that really interested me, was a blog post titled 40 self isolation journal prompts at the blog Our favourite jar. Ive narrowed it down to 25 question, which I will be providing answers too. To see the full list 40 head over https://ourfavouritejar.com/, that’s where the inspiration for this post came from, there’s lots of other great posts to read as well.

I’ve never kept a journal or diary, but in a way this is my diary. Not every post is about me, what I’ve been doing, or how I’m feeling. But this is the only place I keep record of those things. That’s why I’ve decided to answer the questions here. Feel free to use the questions yourself, i think it’s a worthwhile exercise, which is why I’m doing it. So, on with the questions

Self Isolation Questionnaire

1. How long have you been self isolating now?

We started when Boris Johnson made the announcement. A quick google tells me that was March 23rd, which makes it 37 days as It writing this.

2. Who are you isolating with?

My partner Natalie and our 2 kids Jack and Lily.

3. Are you still working?

No. I actually left work in March, it wasn’t related to Covid-19.

4. How are you feeling today?

I’m feeling pretty good. I did quite a bit of cleaning today, and rewarded myself with a couple of games on Madden 20 on the PS4. It’s the first miserable rainy day I can really recall since this started, so I’ve left the kids playing on their games while I got on with the cleaning.

5. Who do you miss?

Our Sunday routine for as long as I can remember, has been I take Jack & Lily to my parents while Natalie goes to work. We are video calling my parents to keep in touch, but all 3 of us are missing the visits. Especially getting to play with their dog Mack.

6. What keeps you going?

When things start to get on top of me, I try and get a bit of space and listen to some music. Music has always been a very important means of escape for me.

7. What events are you missing out on? How do you feel about it?

Currently we haven’t missed out on anything that was planned. We do have a holiday booked in August, in Devon. We’ve only paid a deposit so far, and they’ve informed us we would get a refund if they are closed due to lockdown, or we could choose to move the holiday to next year. We are keeping the options open for now.

8. How did you exercise today?

Vigorous cleaning was the sum total of my exercise today. Normally it’s been playing sports games in the garden with Lily, and some days going for a walk.

9. Have you had to go shopping?

Natalie has done the main shopping, as she normally does, and she is doing it for her parents as well, who are both in the high risk group. I’ve been to the local shop a couple of times when we’ve ran out of milk.

10. How are you keeping in touch with people?

As I’ve mentioned, video calls to my parents, then I’m on a WhatsApp group with my closest friends. Then using social media to communicate with everyone else.

11. What is on your to-do list today?

I don’t have one.

12. How are you coping emotionally?

I’ve been up and down, but mostly up. I have long term depression, so I was worried how I’d handle this situation. Overall I’m doing ok.

13. How is home schooling going?

Hit and miss. Lily quite likes doing the school work…when she’s in the mood for it. Jack not so much.

14. What would you do right now, if you could do anything?

I would go for a nice walk in the Peak District with the family, followed by a pub lunch.

15. The first thing you will do when we are released?

Not much. I don’t think I will be rushing straight out to be honest.

16. Has this time made you change your mindset?

Not really, it has more reinforced my mindset. The need to slow down and focus on family, which is what led me to leave work. I would have been classed as a key worker, if I’d still been at work, and would have been expected to continue working. I have huge respect and admiration for all the key workers out there, but I’m glad to be at home putting all my efforts into my family at this time.

17. How do you deal with difficult days?

If it’s the kids having a difficult day, just put the extra effort in to make them entertained and happy. Get some games on the go, try and get everyone doing something together.

18. Do you avoid the news?

Yes! Like the plague, and that’s 365 days a year. I figure if anything important is announced, I will hear about it.

19. One thing that made you smile today?

Reading a new book with Lily, it was called the Zoo bet.

20. How are the children dealing with it?

They have been up and down. It’s not been as bad as I might have feared. Jack has delayed processing, so issues might arise later on, but up to now he’s coped fairly well considering his routines disappeared overnight. Lily has started to get bored revelry, and is missing her friends from school a lot.

21. What have you done that you wouldn’t normally have time for?

Stuff with the kids. They are quite demanding, so other jobs I’d like to get on with, aren’t always easy to get too. I have managed some time for it, but of my time is spent entertaining the kids.

22. Have you kept a list of things to do once this is over?

No, it’s perhaps something to do though. I think we will all need some things to look forward too.

23. Do you feel closer to people even with the distance?

Strangely, yes. I guess as most of us don’t have much to do, we are all talking to each other more than normal. Whether that’s phone/video calls or messages.

24. Have your political views altered in any way?


25. What has been your self isolation highlight?

Our kitchen sink got blocked. I’m not known as a DIY handy man, but I managed to take the pipes apart, clear the blockage and put it all back together again. It was a proud moment for me.

That’s it for the self isolation questionnaire. I hope you enjoyed my answers and why not have a go at it yourself?

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Chocolate fairy cakes

Chocolate fairy cakes

Lily wanted a break from art today. She decided she wanted to bake some chocolate fairy cakes instead. First of all I would like to say thank you for all the lovely comments, about Lily’s art work, on yesterday’s post. I sat with her this afternoon whilst she was reading them, and she was so pleased that people were enjoying her work.

Preparing to bake cakes

So today she wanted to bake cakes. It took a while to decide to make, but in the end Lily decided on Chocolate fairy cakes. We followed a very simple recipe, as you can see from the ingredients list below.

Cake ingredients

Lily did most of the work herself. Most of my help came through reassuring her that she was doing it right, and that the ingredient measures were right. Then I stood back as she started mixing the butter and sugar.

Mixing the cake ingredients

Then came the eggs, flour and cocoa powder. I was called upon while Lily had a little break because her arm was tired, to finish the mixing. Lily then put the mixture into the cases, when they were ready I put them into the oven.

A little TV break and a drink while we waiting for the cakes to be ready, and then came Lily’s favourite bit. Decorating the cakes. It’s always the part she most looks forward to. I helped her make some simple icing, using just icing sugar and water. Then it was sprinkles time. As you can see, Lily likes her sprinkles and likes to get creative with them.

Chocolate fairy cakes

Chocolate fairy cakes

They were very easy to make, it kept Lily busy for the afternoon and she had fun doing it. Then you get the bonus of getting to eat cake at the end. I think it’s a great way to spend an afternoon.


Jack was given the first cake, and gave it his seal of approval. Meanwhile I was left to do the washing up.

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Getting creative

Getting creative

If this isn’t your first time reading one of my posts, you’ll probably know that Lily loves her art. She enjoys getting creative, and she’s been doing a lot of art whilst being off school. You can’t just keep drawing pictures though, so we’ve been looking at different things to do.

One thing she has enjoyed doing, is blow painting with straws. She did a really nice one of a dolphin that cut out of card, and put in a sea background. It was so nice it deserved to go in a frame. Though we haven’t yet settled on a place for it to go in the house.

Dolphin painting

That one was very precise, with a picture in mind. She then did another one, which is a more traditional blow painting, which I also really like, again there is an animal cut out of cardboard in the corner. I think it’s supposed to be a dog, Lily doesn’t seem too sure herself. Oh well it adds to the intrigue.

Blow painting

Finally we come to my favourite piece, and something completely different.

Branch art

A small branch decorated with leaves that have been cut out of paper and coloured in, then attached using string. Then we’ve used the string to hang it in pride of place on the upstairs landing.

Lily really enjoyed doing these, and we are looking at other things to do. The next idea we have is some paper roll animals which should be fun. I am always a big supporter of getting creative, and not just for children, adults too. I find it an extremely important part of maintaining my mental health.

As always Lily would like to know which one people like the most, so if you can comment your favourite below it would be really appreciated.

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Jack and Lily had a sleepover

Jack and Lily had a sleepover


Originally I had planned a post about autism awareness being 365 days a year, not a day, week or month. But something far bigger happened. Jack and Lily had a sleepover!

I will quickly mention it, as today April 2nd is autism awareness day. I am very much for raising awareness. There are people in the autistic community, who get a bit angry about it. That’s not me, I’m far too relaxed as an individual for that. I don’t get angry about puzzle pieces, or saying “with autism” rather than autistic. Or any of the other stuff people get riled up about. I have my preferences, and respect other people’s preferences. Respect is the important word. Respecting each other is the most important thing.

The world has become more aware of autism over the last few years, but there is still some way to go. The keyword for me is acceptance. It is ok people being aware, but unless there is acceptance it’s pretty meaningless. Autistic people are a diverse bunch, who offer so many different things to our world. My dream is a world where autistic people are universally accepted and embraced for who they are.

Jack and Lily had a sleepover

Last night the most remarkable thing happened in our house. Something I never though would ever happen. I went up stairs to check if Jack and Lily were asleep, to find Lily in Jack’s room. They told me they were having a sleepover. I checked with Jack 3 times to make sure he was ok with it, and it wasn’t just Lily forcing the issue.

He seemed genuinely happy with it, which is amazing considering a year ago he didn’t even want her in his room. I was expecting Jack to get tired and decided he wanted her out at some point. Considering Lily had filled his bed with her pillows, teddy’s and her blanket. It would have really upset Lily if that had happened. But the teddy’s and the dogs aka the Snuggly’s were all having a sleepover too. The next time I checked them they were both asleep, and it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Showed them this photo this morning & they love it more than me.

They are both missing their friends from school. This current situation seems to be bringing them closer together than ever before. This morning Lily was pretending to be Jack’s teacher, and was getting him to do some work. With more success than I’ve been managing too! They were then playing some sort of Easter game up until dinner, when Jack wanted some time on his own. It is by a hell of a long way the most time they’ve ever spent together, and got along the whole time. It has been so amazing to witness.

Proud Dad Day

Proud Dad Day

Lily goes back to school

Today is a proud dad day. Monday morning never proved to be anywhere near the stress I imagined. Lily went back to school. She was up early and came into our room. There was some tears, but after a talk and some reassurance. Lily went down for breakfast and was fine from that point on.

It helped that Monday mornings she does a thing called Trailblazers. Where they spend the morning doing an outside classroom. Lily loves it. She happily got dressed including waterproofs and wellies. She also had some ear defenders to take with her. To help when it gets to loud. Just the comfort of taking them seemed to help her. Her friend Josh came round with his mum to walk to school. Natalie went with them. I got a hug before she left, but Lily was more than happy to go. 

Spending the day with Jack

Natalie had to take her car for its MOT. So that left me with Jack. He waited for Lily to go before coming down for breakfast. It was more goosebumps and Pokemon episodes on the telly. Jack wanted a walk to the nearest Pokestop for his PokemonGo game. We did that, but as it was raining we didn’t hang around. It was there and back.

Jack decided he wanted bacon sandwiches for dinner. I wasn’t complaining. I made them and Jack put the Goosebumps movie on. It’s pretty good to be fair. So I wasn’t complaining about that either. We had the Snuggly’s with us to watch the movie. Including Lily’s Spotty Dog.

Natalie wasn’t back when it came time to pick Lily up from School. So I had to take Jack with me to pick her up. Luckily I can persuade him to come as there’s a PokeGym for his PokemonGo game on the way. We waited outside the school gates, as Lily was going to come out with Josh and his Mum (thank you Donna). 

Jack got a bit agitated and nervous as the crowd around the school got bigger. I’m not sure I’d have been able to get him onto the school playground. Which is where I normally pick Lily up from. But he just about managed with me talking to him. Plus there was a few dogs for him to look at. So he was distracted enough.

Lily had a great day

Lily saw me and looked happy. Then she spotted Jack and ran straight over to hug him. It’s not very often Jack comes to pick her up from school. But Lily loves it when he does. She then does her usual. Which is telling everyone that Jack is her brother, and that he’s a giant! Which everyone can see. At 12 years old, he towers above most people there.

Lily was visibly happy. She told us all about her day as we walked home. Apparently they were getting bugs to feed the munchkins, that live in the wooded bit of the school. Then went walking into a pond (could have been a large puddle) in their wellies. Sounds more fun than my days at school. In the afternoon they made pancakes. Sounds a good day at school to me.

Lily definitely agrees. I’m so pleased it went so well. After worrying about it all last week. All the problems aren’t just solved and gone away. But at least she is back at school, and we can work from there.

Taking Jack for blood samples

Today we took Jack to get blood samples taken. After Lily got picked up for chromosome micro deletion. We all got booked in for testing. They are also looking at other stuff for Jack. 

It took some explaining for him to understand what it was for. At first he didn’t want his blood going to a mad scientist at a laboratory. I explained it would just be a normal scientist, and they want to check to see if there’s any problems. And also to check for reasons for things he already has. Lily told him she has already had hers and it was ok. That really reassured Jack and was so sweet. Proud dad day!

Jack took this as they were checking why he has super strength. Which is sort of true, so I agreed. He was as anxious as expected, but coped with it all very well. Natalie printed out some visual aids. So he had the step by step process. He got nervous in the waiting room, but we didn’t have to wait long.

A proud dad day

He sat down fine. His leg was shaking away, but he looked at things on his phone to distract himself. Then when it was time for the needle. He didn’t want to take his eye off it. As with anyone, when the needle went in you could tell from his face it hurt a bit. But he realised that was the end of the bad bit, and calmed right down.

We were both really proud with how well he did , and more importantly he was proud of himself. With the struggles that happen day to day. It can be easy to forget how well Jack has been doing, especially when we’ve needed to go out into the big wide world. Outside of the comfort zone of home and school. He is doing so well. Today is definitely a proud dad day.

Lily Making A New Friend

Lily Making A New Friend

Some good news today about Lily making a new friend. We have done pretty well, with the seasonal viruses this year. Because I have asthma I usually pick up every bug going. Not so much this winter. This morning though, I woke up feeling terrible. So I’ve not got much done at all today.

Yesterday, when I took Lily to school. She saw the child she has been trying to make friends with. She started to walk over to him and then stopped. I told her go over, but she looked really nervous. After a bit of gentle persuasion she walked over. 

Then they we’re off walking and talking. Lily has come back from school much happier the last two days. She has told me all about playing with her new friend. It has made me so happy. Lily has always needed someone to come over to her. To ask her to play. For Lily to be the one initiating things is such a massive thing.

After the difficult start to the week for Lily. I’m so pleased it’s finished on such a positive note with Lily making a new friend. Hopefully this is the start of things getting much better for her.

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