Daddy and Lily go to the park

Daddy and Lily go to the park

It’s finally stopped raining and the sun has come out! Jack went went out with support workers from DAS this morning. The first time he’s done so on a Saturday. He was looking forward to it, but with anything that’s new. I could sense a bit of anxiety. This created the opportunity for Daddy and Lily to go to the park. It had been a while since we last did this.

Daddy and Lily go to the park

We got ready and off we went. As usual I ended up carrying a football and a scooter. It’s about a 10 minute walk up a hill, to the park we went to. Lily always starts off on her scooter. I always end up carrying it up the hill. Apparently it’s what dads are for.

The park was quite muddy, and it was clearly too soon for sensible people to be venturing out. As the park was completely empty. Luckily we aren’t sensible and enjoyed the mud. Lily thought it was great having the park to herself. No waiting to go on anything! The zip line is her favourite thing to go on. She always wants me to basically throw her down to the other, as fast as I possibly can. This makes mum very nervous. But she wasn’t there today…

Lily goes shopping

When we were finished at the park. Lily wanted to go to the shop. She got a little trolley to push around. She was really pleased with it, and had a great time going around the shop. She had a limit of how much she could spend, and was very sensible in making choices.

We took a different way home, to see if we could see any horses out in the fields. Lily loves seeing the horses. Unfortunately there was only one out today, and that was quite far away from us. Still, Lily enjoyed saying hello.

We got back just before Jack. He said he had a nice time when he was out, but after Lily shouted. He went to the dining room, and wouldn’t talk. He was in there for about an hour. Jack does this when he is upset, and you can’t rush the issue. You have to wait until he is ready.

Jack struggled this afternoon

He went out into the front garden, still not talking. He likes to do “ninja moves”, it gets some of the aggression out. It started raining/hailing, the sunshine obviously couldn’t last, so I told him he needed to come inside. He got aggressive and needed encouragement to come inside. He wasn’t happy but eventually he went up to our bedroom.

He said he wanted to watch Netflix in our room. So we let him. Eventually he started talking again, and finally I got out of him what might be wrong. Lily had got sweets from the shop, and he hadn’t. It can often be little things like this that you overlook, that cause the problems. Usually Jack buys sweets when he goes out, but this time he didn’t.

Then he remember he had left some in his bag from Monday. He got them and then he was happy again, but it probably all started from the change in routine. Now we are watching Jurassic World and all is good.