Cardboard box Dog House

Cardboard box Dog House

Today I finally get to show of some of Jack’s creativity, which doesn’t involve technology. He has made a cardboard box dog house, for his stuffed dog Jasper. I’m really pleased to finally have something to show from Jack, as there’s a lot more stuff from Lily on here at the moment. As she is always busy making things, whereas Jack has to be in the right mood for it.

When Jack makes something, it can’t just be your average “normal” thing. This dog house comes with pizza walls and floor. The reason being his 3 stuffed dogs he has with him at all times. Known as the Snuggly’s, that you can read more about in this post by clicking here. They don’t eat dog food, they eat pizza. So Jack wanted to make sure Jasper always has plenty of pizza to eat. A very caring thought! I wouldn’t mind a permanent supply of pizza myself.

Cardboard box dog house

Making the dog house

This is a really simple thing to make, Jack just used a old cardboard box. Then for the pizza, paper plates and red and yellow crepe paper. Cut pizza slices out and stick to the walls. He also did a lovely drawing of Jasper, which you can see inside the dog house. Then he made a sign for the top of the dog house that says “Jaspizza”.

Dog house sign

Can you see the Jasper drawing? Purposely placed in that last photo by Jack, to show how cheeky Jasper is. This is a fun little glimpse into the mind creative mind of Jack, that I just wanted to share with you all. As well as this cardboard box dog house, Jack has been working on lots of Pokemon stuff, that will be coming in a post very soon. As always, thank you for reading.

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Autism and Minecraft

Autism and Minecraft

The first time I ever heard of Minecraft was when Jack asked to have the game. I had no idea of the strong links between autism and minecraft. A quick google of autism and Minecraft will bring up lots of results. It seems to be something that attracts some autistic people, and as is often the case. Once it becomes a special interest, it becomes an obsession.

Minecraft is even being used in therapies, to help autistic children learn things like social skills. You can apply for a specialised server for autistic people, called AutCraft, which is said to be a safe haven for autistic children to play Minecraft. Jack just plays on Minecraft normally, and it’s for fun.

The joy of building something

When you successfully build something, it gives you such a great feeling. No matter what it is, big or small, you still get that feeling of achievement. I talked about how Lego provides that for Jack in “Is Lego good for autistic children”, click the link if you haven’t read that post before.

Of course with Lego you are restricted to what you can make. In the computerised world of Minecraft the possibilities are practically endless. You can go wherever your imagination takes you. 

Using Minecraft to express feelings

The other day Jack was very excited to show me a laboratory he made. He then told me he had the coronavirus inside it and was working on a cure.

on top of the coronavirus lab

I actually felt quite emotional and proud that he was thinking of doing that. He has found it difficult to understand, what is going on in the world right now. Trying to express his own feelings on the matter, hasn’t been easy either.  We have spent a lot of time of time, trying to learnt what Jack is trying to say to us, when he is unable to do it directly.

This was Jacks way of showing us he is worried about the coronavirus, and wants there to be a cure found. So that everything can go back to normal. When he does something like this, it gives us the opportunity to ask questions about a subject he doesn’t like to talk about. 

He won’t communicate about a subject he is anxious about, and if you try and force the issue he’s even less likely to talk. This was showing us he was ready to talk about the coronavirus. Only a few questions, with short answers and nods of the head. But enough for us to get an understand of how anxious and worried he is feeling, and now he knows we know.

Jack’s favourite builds

That was an example of how autism and Minecraft work, to help an autistic child communicate with his parents. Let’s finish with something more fun. I’ve asked Jack to share with you, the favourite things he has built on Minecraft.

Some of the favourite things he has built include, Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria, a nether portal, and the Kanto region in Pokemon.

His absolute favourite is the SCP 250 foundation facility. Don’t worry if you don’t know what that means, I don’t really either. Here is a brief explanation of what SCP is.

You can click here if you want to find out more about it. There’s a couple of pictures below to showing the facility that Jack has made.

Minecraft & autism
Full facility

an SCP in its containment pod

There have been a lot of posts involving Lily recently, so it was fun for me to get Jack involved again. For those of you out there who’s kids like playing on Minecraft, or even you yourself. What do you enjoy building on there. We’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below.

Dad Does Autism

Jack introduces the T Rex

Jack introduces the T Rex

For those who have been following the blog. Here is Jacks Document, where Jack introduces the T Rex. He sat with me and we wrote notes down of what he wanted it to say. Using the power of google for some facts. So here we go.


Full Name: Tyrannosaurus Rex

(Also goes by the name King of the Jungle. Which is what Jack likes to call it.)

Jack introduces the t rex

T Rex lived during the Cretaceous Period, 68-66 million years ago. This was know as the Maastrichtian age, and were the last years of the Cretaceous Period. Before the Paleogene period started. They lived on an island continent known as Laramidia, which is the area now known as western North America.

They belonged to the Theropod group of dinosaurs, and were part of the Tyrannosaurids family. These were primarily large predators just like the T Rex. (Jack says that means they eat meat)

T Rex has been measured as high as 12 metres tall, and estimated to weigh up to 14 tonnes. Although other theropod dinosaurs were bigger. It is estimated that T Rex exerted the strongest bite force among all terrestrial animals. This is what has led to its fame, and use in movies and other media. (Jack says his big head and massive jaw is what makes T Rex cool)

One of its most obvious features, are it’s big legs and little arms. (Jack thinks it’s arms look funny)T Rex was the last known member of the tyrannosaurids, and among the last non-avian dinosaurs to exist before the Creraceous-Paleogene extinction event.

This could explain why recent theories have suggested T Rex might have had feathers. Experts appear to be split on this matter. (Jack thinks that some had feather and some didn’t)

A question

Jack would like to finish with a question. He would like to know what everybody’s favourite dinosaur is? He wants to know what the most popular dinosaur is. Leave your answer in the comments. Jack is looking forward to seeing them.