How autism friendly is the Royal Derby Hospital?

How autism friendly is the Royal Derby Hospital?

The conversation has popped up on occasion. What would happen if Jack needed to go to Children’s Accident & Emergency? How Autism friendly is the Royal Derby hospital? We have had plenty of appointments for Jack. But he hadn’t been to A&E since he was little. Until last night.

Jack scratched his eye, we left it for a while but it wasn’t showing any signs of getting better. So we decided with a touch of trepidation to go and get it looked at.

I can not praise the Royal Derby Hospital enough. Natalie explained the situation to the receptionist. A nurse came straight to see us, then we were taken to a quiet room. Where we would stay for the entire visit. All the fears of Jack having to cope with a busy waiting room. All taken away. We can’t thank the hospital enough for that.

We were really proud of how Jack coped. He  initially didn’t want them to put the dye in his eye. With plenty of encouragement he eventually let them do it. He has a small scratch on his eye. It should be fine after a few days. What had always been a major worry, turned out to be a fairly routine visit. The reason for that is the answer to the original question. How autism friendly is the Royal Derby Hospital. The answer in our experience, is very autism friendly.

How autism friendly have hospitals been in your experience? I’d like to hear about your experiences, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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