July Goals

July Goals

I set some blog goals for June, so this month I decided I would write a blog post about my July goals. For both the blog and my personal life. For the record my June blog goals were to achieve 2500 website visitors, and 4500 page views. They felt like ambitious but achievable goals at the beginning of June, and I achieve them I did with 2 days to spare.

Setting goals are so important for many reasons, which is why I aim to set them for all areas of life in this post. What are these reasons? I’ll go through the reasons why I think it’s important not just to set the goals, but also to tell people you’ve set the goals.

  • They give you a sense of direction, and a target to aim for to keep you motivated.
  • Setting short term goals, and achieving them will give you the boost in confidence. That you need to achieve the bigger long term goals.
  • Setting a goal and telling someone about it, gives you some accountability.
  • Setting a goal, and then tracking your progress can give you motivation. I did this for June, and it worked for me. I felt good about the good days, and then the low days motivated be to put a bit more work in the next day.
July goals
keeping tally in my notebook

Blog goals

I’ll start with my blog goals, as that’s the easy bit. I want a steady increase in website visitors and page views. New for this month will be a WordPress followers goal, after I finally got round to linking the website to WordPress. I’ve already got 21 followers, and I’d certainly like to increase that. So here are the blog goals…

  • 3100 website visitors (100 a day)
  • 5500 page views
  • 50 WordPress followers

Personal Goals

  • Go for a walk by myself 3 times a week
  • Cut down on drinking Pepsi
  • Read a book

Three fairly simple goals for this month, though finding the time and motivation for the walks might be challenging at the moment. I love me some Pepsi, unfortunately my waistline doesn’t. I’ve put a lot of weight on this year, and some changes need to be made. Lastly find time to read a book. I’m doing a lot of reading off of a screen these days, so I want to find that bit of time. To be able to settle down somewhere with an actual book.

Do you have any goals

They are my July goals, so it’s time for me to ask you about your goals. I know a lot of the bloggers set goals, but not all my readers are bloggers. So what about the rest of you? You can set a goal for anything, and it can be a really positive thing. Have a think, and if you have any goals in mind. Why not share them in the comments? I look forward to hearing them.

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