The misery of Disability Living Allowance forms

The misery of Disability Living Allowance forms

(Since I originally wrote this post, I feel like I’ve learnt a lot about blogging. We have been dealing once again with the misery of Disability Living Allowance forms. This time for Lily. Rather than write another post about, I thought it would be better to edit the original. It certainly could do with editing, it’s not a great read, reading it back now. Hopefully it will be, once it has been edited.)

I had a bad nights sleep last night, I was diagnosed with long term depression a few years ago. There are times I can manage it well. At other times it’s a real struggle. The difficult times we endured last year, left me in a bad place. I’ve been feeling a bit better about myself recently. But lack of sleep left me struggling for motivation today.

Disability Living Allowance

One possible reason for this is we have been filling out a form to renew Jack’s Disability Living Allowance. The misery of Disability Living Allowance forms, is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. You basically have to go into great detail, about everything your child can’t do. Or finds difficult. I find it a miserable experience, and I only help out whilst Natalie does most of the work.

But to get the rate you should be getting. You really have to go into every little detail. I think it’s been 5 years since we last had to do it. This was the hardest yet. With Jack coming up to 12. The hopes we had of him progressing, and perhaps being able to have some independence are starting to fade. In some areas he is doing really well, but he is not showing signs of being able to cope with outside world on his own.

Only yesterday Jack was talking about how he wants his own house one day. To get a job, and how he wants to get married and have kids. We are always positive with him. We tell him that anything is possible, but there needs to be some drastic improvements for any of that to happen. Knowing he wants all that, and it might not be possible. It is really hard to take. But we will keep giving him every opportunity to be the best he can be.

Positive News

Some more positive and exciting news, Lily has been chosen to represent her school. At the local Sports Festival tomorrow. (January 30th 2020) She is really excited about it. It is likely to be very busy, so I just hope she can cope with that, because if she can get into the sports. She will really enjoy it. It’s really good of the school to give her this opportunity. I will report back tomorrow with how she got on.

Lily’s DLA form

Fast forward to April, and we are doing it all again for Lily. It’s been a slightly different experience. We are having to stay at home due to the coronavirus, so there’s been plenty of time to do it. Whereas we had done it before for Jack, and sort of knew what to do, and we have every possible professional you can involved. It is still early in the journey for Lily, and this is the first time applying for DLA.

Lily’s strengths and issues are different to Jack’s, so it’s almost been like a different experience. It has still been difficult though, and it’s really hit home where Lily is struggling. The form is nearly ready to be sent, hopefully it’s some time until we have to do another one.

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