Sensory & Bullying problems at school

Sensory & Bullying problems at school

I had hoped to start this off talking about what I mentioned yesterday. The amazing thing that Lily did. Sadly that will have to wait, as we have had bullying problems at school. This morning Lily didn’t want to go to school. This isn’t completely unusual. Sometimes when she’s feeling tired. She will say this, but when she wakes up. She will be fine and go to school happily.

This morning was different. She did nothing but cry. The closer it got to the time to leave. She got more distressed. She wouldn’t talk to me. Eventually she started to talk to her mum. She said something that made my heart sink. “I don’t want to be bullied”. We’d never had any bullying problems at school before, so this was new territory for us.

We sat down and had a talk with her. But we are finding it difficult to understand what is going on. I believe because Lily herself is not understanding. Whilst also struggling to express herself and communicate what’s happening.

What we do know is someone is hitting her. It’s hard to know the context of what’s happening. As Lily is finding it incredibly difficult to explain. But if she is being hit. It is not acceptable. She also said. That it’s too busy and noisy.

Especially at dinner time. Which is causing her to get headaches everyday. These are 2 major issues happening at the same time. Which explains why Lily has been visibly struggling so much. And why her behaviour at home has become so erratic.

We told Lily we would take her to school and speak to them. We would get it all sorted out for her. She remained upset the entire way to school. When we got there. We only got to speak to the receptionist. We told her about the two problems. She said she would pass the information on. We will be talking to her head teacher, teacher and support workers as soon as possible.

The receptionist did a good job reassuring Lily. Even getting her to smile and go to her class willingly. I just hope she has a good day today.

The sensory issues we have experience with from Jack. We know what to do with that. But as Jack has always gone to a “special needs” school. Bullying has never been something we’ve had to deal with. I can’t help but worry now. It’s dominating my thoughts, wondering if Lily is ok at school.

Then you question why it’s happening. Is it because she’s quiet? Is it because she’s not responding? Which Lily won’t do. As she told me it’s against school rules to say nasty things . Or to hit people. Lily is very rigid in her ways. Once she it told rules. She must stick to them. There is absolutely no give. Then the big one. Now that’s the children are 8. Are they noticing Lily is “different”. That she has a disability. So some are picking on her for it.

Like i said. We don’t know exactly what is going on. But these are the thoughts I’m now having. We need to sort this out before it gets worse.

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