Jack’s birthday – why can’t we be a normal family?

Jack’s birthday – why can’t we be a normal family?

Jack turned 12 today. As I previously mentioned. He was excited for his birthday. But wasn’t showing any signs of it being to much. He had a great day at school. His friends all made a card for him. Plus they also got him a big balloon which they signed. He was really pleased with these. The friendship group they have in his class. Is really great to see.

We sent him in with a Pikachu cake to share with them. When he arrived home. We hadn’t quite got everything ready for him. So I took him out for a walk. Which had an eventful start. For some reasonJack’s phone wouldn’t connect to my hotspot. So he could play on PokemonGo as we walked. Jack went from annoyed to threatening to “kill his phone” quite quickly. I asked him how he can you kill a phone. He had to stop and think. Then the phone started working, and he completely forgot about it.

Whilst Jack was coping well. The same couldn’t be said about Lily. With the problems we are having. With her feeling that she doesn’t get as much attention. A day that is supposed to be all about Jack. Was always going to have problems. She has really struggled with her emotions. Going back and forth from being happy for Jack, and being upset and crying.

It started to annoy Jack. He asked me “Why can’t we be a normal family? And everyone be happy?” It left me at a loss for words. I ended up just telling him that Lily would be ok. And in a minute we could get pizza. Then watch the Detective Pikachu Movie. Which is what he had chosen to do.

Eventually Lily calmed down and came and sat with Jack on his new beanbag. Jack got his pizza and he was happy, and overall I think he quite enjoyed his birthday.

Lily also did something amazing today. Which I  will explain tomorrow when I have more time.

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