Special Friends Belper

Special Friends Belper

There is a local charity near us, that I have talked about before. Click here to view a previous blog post about them. They are called Special Friends, and they are based in Belper, Derbyshire. Lily has done a number of different activities with them that she has really enjoyed. If you live in the Derbyshire area I highly recommend them. You can find more information at their website https://www.special-friends.co.uk/

Once again we go on the the current situation with Covid 19, as it dominates everything everyone is doing. Events that Lily would enjoy going to, which involve lots of other children, can’t be going ahead right now. Hopefully they can get back to business as usual when this is all over, and Lily gets one of her outlets back. Where she can just go and be a kid and mix with others, and not have the worry of Jack’s needs. Which sometimes do get in the way of what Lily wants to do, as much as we try not to let it.

A special friends surprise

Today a surprise came through the letter box for Lily. A plastic folder than had in side a certificate, a framed photograph and a couple of other things.

Special friends folder

It had been dropped off by the people at Special Friends. For them to be making the effort to do this at this time, speaks volumes for the people running it. I don’t know how many children they did it for, but I’m sure every one of them were just as pleased to see the folder as Lily was.

In these difficult times, it’s the gestures like this that keep you going. It really brightened up the day for Lily. She has started looking a bit down recently, but this and a couple of other things have certainly made her a lot happier. So a massive thank you to the people at Special Friends.

Dad Does Autism

Sibling group problems & fun with dogs

Sibling group problems & fun with dogs

Once a month. Lily gets to go to a sibling group. It’s for children with brothers or sisters with Autism. It’s something else we get through Jack. Lily gets nothing in her own right. But it’s something she really enjoys and looks forward to. She usually spends the time doing some arts & crafts. We know there is at least one girl she talks to.

Unfortunately the sibling group was cancelled today. Due to not enough people attending. Lily was disappointed. She could really have done with it. After the way this weeks gone. I really hope this isn’t going to be a problem going forward. It already feels unfair that Jack gets to go out every week with rest-bites. Then twice a month with his over night rest-nite.

We try and do things with Lily when Jacks at rest-bite. But money is tight and we can’t always afford to go out. I know Lily feels she doesn’t get to do as much we Jack.

We did the usual go to my parents for dinner. As well as Mack the dog. The kids had my brothers dog Henry to play with. Who is staying with my parents for a few nights. So it was double the fun. We took them for a walk to the local park. Jack especially liked getting to hold Mack’s lead.

Jack took a video of Mack sitting on the park bench with him. He’s using TikTok. Jack loves creating videos on there. We didn’t really know what it was when he first went on there. We had some problems with him wanting to message everyone. So he can only use it on my phone. When supervised. So he can keep being creative. Which I think is important.

Jacks bond with Mack is great. He’s never any calmer than when he’s with him. Jacks love for animals and nature is really nice to see. Lily is growing up the same way. She told me today Greta Thunberg was her hero.

It was a nice visit overall. Unfortunately as Lily got tired. She became overwrought and got upset. This caused Jack to get angry. So I took him outside to try and calm him down. He was seeking deep pressure. To help him regulate his sensory needs and anxiety. So we pulled and pushed each other about for a few minutes.

In the distance we heard a dog bark. So I barked back. Much to Jacks amusement. So I ended up barking at this dog for 5-10 minutes. The things we do to help our children. It worked though, as Jack was ready to go back inside.

Dad Does Autism