A Dark Lords Tale – Origin Story Part Two

A Dark Lords Tale – Origin Story Part Two

Here is part two of my “short story”, A Dark Lords Tale – Origin Story. If you haven’t read part one yet, may I suggest you read that first, by clicking this link. If you have then let’s get on with it….

A Dark Lords Tale – Origin Story – Part Two

A dark lords tale - origin story part two

I was in some sort of waiting room, not like any place I’d been before though. It was like a long corridor, with the walls painted black. 6 black leather chairs lined up down one side, all facing a black door at the end of the room. It’s glimmering golden handle, the only thing brightening the room.

It felt strange to me that no one else was here, I am I the only one in the frame for the position? I might actually have a chance. It felt like I had been waiting for ages, and then as I stared into space. I began to daydream, I began to remember. The day that changed my life.


On a Bright summers morning. Dylan and Timothy are making their way through Black Woods. It is only a small wooded area at the edge of a sub urban area. It does not really deserve the forbidding name it is given. The sunlight dappling on the path they follow. Timothy is skipping along showing all the youthful exuberance of his 8 years. He looks gleefully happy to be out and about with his older cousin, both with matching blue football shirts on. Over exuberant, Timothy knock the blue cap off of his head and has to stop to pick it up. 

Dylan is ambling along behind. A unzipped black hoody covering most of his football shirt.  He takes his hands out of his jeans pockets to sweep back his hair.

“Nearly Fourteen years old, and having to spend a nice day like this babysitting. Should be against the law.”

“Come on Dylan, I want to find the Witches’ Den.”

“ Grandad made that story up.” Dylan shakes his head, but Timothy isn’t listening. “We could be at your house paying computer games.”

The wind is carelessly blowing through the trees, and blowing Timothys fairly long hair around his head. As he brushes it clear from his face, he catches a glimpse of something. He suddenly stops still, and gazes into a thick mass of trees. Dylan looks around not seeing whatever it is he has seen.

“What is it Timmy?”

“We’ve never been through those trees before. That’s where it will be.”

Timothy walks toward the trees, he looks back at Dylan who is stood still and beckons him to follow. Dylan sighs and shakes his head, before jogging to catch up as Timothy starts disappearing into the trees.

He has to push himself through at first, letting out a small yelp as he is scratched by sharp branches. Dylan looks worried as he quickly forces his way through the branches to get to his little cousin, without a care for what the sharp branches are doing to him.

“What happened?”

“I just got scratched, that’s all.”

“This was a stupid idea, we are going to get cut to pieces.” Dylan grimaces as he rubs at a nasty scratch on his right elbow. “I said I’d look after you, and I’ll be taking you back covered in cuts.”

“You’re silly.” Timothy forces his way into a clearing. “Look just a few scratches.” As Dylan follows him through, Timothy holds out his arm for him to see. There are just a couple of scratches, Dylan seems to have got the worst of it in his rush to catch him up.

“Mum won’t get mad over a few scratches from playing.” Dylan dusts himself down, puffs his cheeks and shakes his head. “Where’s your sense of adventure? This would be a great place for a witch to hide.”

If the story is true, she was a crazy lady who escaped from the mental hospital, that used to be on the edge of the village. Then she hid in these woods, and no one ever saw her again.”

“Because she was a witch.”

“If you say so. More like that’s what people said because she was a bit crazy. They probably said she was devil worshipper, trying to lure the local children to Satan as well.”

“So she was here? That means we can find her.”

Dylan looks around at his surrounding, the trees seem like they are closing them in. He can’t see out to where the footpaths are, he frowns as he turns back to his cousin. “That was over 100 years ago. If she did happen to be here, I really don’t want to find some old bones.” Timothy has spotted something and goes through some more trees to another clearing.

“Look! There’s bricks on the ground”

There are bricks on the ground the further into the clearing they go. Timothy rushes off following the trail of bricks, whilst Dylan is looking around puzzled by the odd sight of these bricks that are completely out of place. He looks up and realises he can barely see the sky, the foliage is so thick overhead that it started to get quite dark, despite it being the middle of the day.

“I don’t like this Timmy. We should get out of here.”

“Thought you didn’t believe in witches?”

“There’s no witch here, but there could be someone.” Dylan looks around the ground for any signs that people have been here. “A tramp or some older kids, drinking or taking drugs. We don’t want to bump into people like that in here.”

“A house!” Timothy points excitedly towards it, and sure enough there it is. The remains of a little house hidden away in the woods. It looks old and not well made. The wall to one side has fallen away, it’s only high enough to be one level, and there don’t appear to be any windows. There is half of a wooden door swinging open in the middle, the bottom seems to have rotted away. “Let’s go inside.”

“It doesn’t look safe.”

Timothy isn’t listening, he goes towards the house, and quickly makes his way through, pushing what is left of the door open. He steps into the darkness and out of sight.

“Tim! Come back! There could be anything in there.”

Dylan runs up to the house. He has a little moment of hesitancy as he gets to the door,  it he knows he has no choice. He has to go in after his little cousin. Without a single window to let any light in, Dylan can barely see what’s in front of him. He is clearly anxious about going further into the house, further into the darkness.

“Psst Tim?” There’s no answer. Dylan can feel his heart racing as he feels along the wall trying to make sense of his surroundings. He kicks loose stones on the floor; the noise seems so loud against the eerie quietness that surrounds. The house has a strange smell to it that is getting stronger, with every further step Dylan takes.

“Tim, where are you?” Raising his voice slightly this time, he gets a response.

“Over here.”

The voice seems just ahead, but Dylan still can’t see his cousin. Suddenly there’s a loud scream. It startles Dylan, who nearly jumps out of his skin. He then stands frozen to the spot, when Timothy runs straight into him, knocking them both to the floor.

“Skeleton!” Shouts Timothy pointing back in the direction he came from.

“Are you sure?” Timothy nods his head looking genuinely scared. Dylan looks around trying to run the situation through his head. “Okay I will take a look.”

Dylan creeps along the wall. He feels a cold shiver emanate from inside his body, as he felt something cold on his shoulder. As he slowly looks he realises it’s a drip of cold water running down the wall. He has a slight moment of relief, and prepares himself to peer around the corner. As the wall ends at some sort of doorway. He holds his nose, the smell becomes unbearable.

He takes in a deep breath and looks into the room, he can see into daylight as this is the side of the house where the wall has fallen away. The bones are there, right in front of him. The shock causes him to take a step back. Regaining his composure he takes another look. “Looks like a dog or something. Nothing to be scared of.”

“Are you sure?”

Dylan turns back to Timothy who has followed him up to the other room by now. He gives him a reassuring nod and smile. 

“Yeah, I’m sure.”

“I still don’t like it.” Timothy takes a step into the room, when he lets out another scream. “Get it off!” Timothy spins around waving his arms in the air.

“What’s wrong? I can’t see anything.”


Dylan looks closely and realises all the fuss is about some old cobwebs, he brushes the web off his face and out of his hair.

“It’s only cobwebs.”

“I don’t like spiders.”

“Come on, lets get you out of here. I don’t like this place, and the smell is awful.”

“Could it be what witches smell like?”

Dylan laughs and puts his arm around Timothy, and carefully guides him back to the door. Only when they are outside does he answer his question.

“I’m sure Witches don’t smell nice, but that was the dead animal, and whatever else might be in there.”

“There could be more?”

“Maybe, but I don’t plan on finding out. Someone must have lived here once, how crazy is that.”

“So maybe it is the Witches house?”

Well out into the clearing and away from the house, both Dylan and Timothy show signs of relief. The clearing looks brighter than it did before, and both boys take in some welcome breaths of fresh air.

“Maybe. Grandad might have been telling the truth after all. I don’t fancy going back in for another look. Do you?”

Timothy nervously shakes his head, clearly shaken by the experience.

“Don’t worry, we’re alright now. Let’s go home.”

Dylan looks for the way through the trees that they came in, but can’t find it. Or any easy way through.

“The thing that puzzles me. How could they have built this here. How would you get the bricks and stuff through.

“Magic spells.” Laughs Timothy.

“I guess so.” Dylan smiles and looks back at the house. Something catches his eye. He frowns and shakes his head. “Must be my imagination.”

“What must?”

“Nothing. Let’s just go home.” Dylan looks back again. A shadow is starting to emerge from the doorway of the house. “We should hurry up. Dylan looks scares as he starts to hurry Timothy along. He turns to look back at the house again, and a look of shear terror comes across his face.

“Run, Tim! Run!”

A Dark Lord’s Tale – origin story part 1

A Dark Lord’s Tale – origin story part 1

  (As has been promised for a while now, the first short story on Dad Does Autism. The origin story of a character I created in the early/mid 2000s (I forget exactly when).It was for an online game called e-fedding. For those of you that aren’t wrestling nerds. You created a character and wrote storylines for them, and competed weekly against an opponent. It brought out my passion for writing, and I learnt a lot. So here goes, for the first time in 12 years…)

Origin Story – Part one

Everyone needs an origin story, so here’s mine. It was Sunday afternoon by the time I awoke. I rolled over and saw Daisy still asleep. It had been a late night, but she still looked amazing. I could just see her pretty face poking out from her long golden hair, as she lay on her front. How I manage to keep her sticking around, I really don’t know.

     As I rolled out of bed, a quick look in the mirror, my make up wasn’t too bad following a night’s sleep. Touch up the white face, black around the eyes, and redo the black lipstick. Then I’d look the part, that’s what I decided last night anyway. I don’t normally wear make up. Today was a big day. First I needed a cup of tea. My gran always said there’s no better way to start the day than a nice cup tea. I can think of a few things, but gran wouldn’t approve. I went through to the kitchen and put the kettle on.

     “Daisy? Have we got anything to eat?” 

     I could hear her groaning, and see her moving around as she started to wake. The advantages of a one bedroom flat, you’re always within shouting distance. I could see Daisy was now sat up, and rubbing at her eyes.

     “I doubt it. You’ve been too busy messing around, trying to become this Dark Lord thing, in that silly club of yours. Instead of doing something useful, like the doing the shopping while I’m out at work.”

The kettle had boiled, so I made a couple of cups and took one in to Daisy. I checked myself in the mirror. Chest out, belly in. Dad bods are in nowadays anyway apparently.

     “I’ve told you before. It is not a club, it’s a cult. The position of Dark Lord is very serious. All the important people are in it.”

     “Will it pay the rent and put food on the table?”

I could sense Daisy was not entirely convinced, but she doesn’t know the power the cult posses. Being a Dark Lord will open up lots of doors. Who needs a CV when you’ve got a secret handshake.

    “The position will bring with it certain privileges and opportunities. Trust me this will be great for us.”

     Daisy just smiled and kissed me with her soft lips.

     “If it makes you happy. How did you even get yourself nominated for an important position?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “I just think I would want someone a bit more organised, someone with experience of holding important positions. You’ve not had a job since that incident with the special sauce at McDonalds.”

    “Yeah, well I have other qualities.”

    “You do?”

      I could have done without Daisy putting me on the spot, though I guess it was practise for the interview. She’s smart. I could see Daisy looking at me waiting for an answer, I started to get flustered, but didn’t want to show it. What would I say when asked what qualities I had? I had absolutely no idea.

    “Take your time.”

  Now I really was getting flustered. I needed to get into a Dark Lord’s mindset. What is a Dark Lord’s mindset? I have no idea. Do you have to be evil and stuff? I just like the title and pension benefits. No matter, I’d google it and wing it like I normally do. Just like now.

    “I’ve got Dark Lord qualities, you wouldn’t understand.”

 Daisy had that wry smile on her face, the one where she knows I’m winging it, but doesn’t want to put me down.

    “I wouldn’t worry about it too much, I get the feeling your going to be perfect for the role. I can see it now, Timothy Purvis, the Dark Lord. Here I got you this.”

   Daisy pulled a bag out from under the bed, and passed it over to me. I always love a surprise. This was the best one ever. A full length black leather trench coat. I couldn’t believe it.

     “This is perfect!” I must have sounded like an excited child, but I was so happy. I desperately wanted one for this interview. You have to look the part, but I couldn’t afford one.  I gave Daisy the biggest hug I’d ever given anyone. No matter what I knew she always had my back.

   “Now go get ready.”