Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! These are difficult times, I’m worried about Jack, but I’m not doing much better. I don’t think Natalie is either, while Lily seems to be doing better she is already talking of missing her friends. But it’s still only right to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there.

It was home made cards from Jack and Lily to their mum this year. Jack made his at school, while Lily made hers at home.

Jack’s on the left, Lily’s on the right

It’s certainly a memorable Mother’s Day, though not really for the right reasons. Unfortunately I spent a lot of the day sorting out a blocked sink. I might go into that more in another post. So basically it was just chilling out at home. What has everyone else been up to? How have you made the most of Mother’s Day? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Inside Jack’s card

Mum was treated to some flowers and a super big box of malteasers, which are her favourite and a good sharing chocolate.

Inside of Lily’s card

As you can see Lily likes to use every bit of space, which includes the back. You can see more of her art work in the Lily’s Art Gallery section. Jack has done some brilliant drawings at school as well, which I will look to put up on here soon. He seems to be able to copy something brilliantly, rather than Lily’s just get a blank piece of paper and draw away approach.

Back of Lily’s card

It’s certainly been an interesting Mother’s Day, I hope everyone’s staying safe and doing ok. Remember to do your social distancing and self isolating if you need to. Fingers crossed we all get through this.

Some more art from Lily

Some more art from Lily

With all the stress at the moment, especially amongst us parents and carers of autistic children. I decided to show more art from Lily, rather than write anything at the moment. I’ve been looking on wikipedia at Autistic art, which I’ve found interesting. For Lily we start with this lovely picture she drew for Jack, which is something to brighten up anybody’s day.

Brotherly & Sisterly love

She has also been practising drawing bunny’s for Easter, it’s fair to say she’s excited for Easter. We always do lots of arts and crafts for Easter, and it looks like we will have a lot of time to do stuff. So you can expect lots more Easter related art that Lily wants to show off to come.

a first bunny attempt
some more bunny attempts

With the last drawing Lily had a piece of paper underneath, which the pen went through too and made a sort of other picture. Which Lily was fascinated by and seemed more pleased with than the other pictures. To be honest I find it quite fascinating myself.

Lily’s favourite picture

If enjoyed looking at Lily’s drawings. You can find some more art from Lily, in the Lily’s Art Gallery section.

What’s your creative outlet?

What’s your creative outlet?

We went to my parents yesterday, I will talk more about that in a post I’m currently working on. Having a creative outlet is very important. As is usually the case, Lily and grandma got out the art stuff. What’s your creative outlet?


Lily had spotted some drawing grandma had been doing, and wanted to help her finishes them off. I really love the pine cone picture. Grandma is really good at art, even if she doesn’t like to admit it. I spend time doing art with Lily, but it’s good she gets time to do it with someone who is good. The artistic flare wasn’t passed down to me. I have an unsteady hand and a serious lack of patience.

grandmas daffodils

My mum sat with Lily and sketched these daffodils off in a matter of minutes. Then claims not to be very good. Lily was colouring in these daffodils, which are lovely.

Lily’s daffodils

I have got together quite a large pile of Lily’s art, she likes to leave it all other the place. But I’ve rounded a lot of it up. One thing I have noticed, is she seems to start a lot of work and leave it unfinished. Maybe it’s supposed to be like that, every artist has to have there style I guess. I will look at it with her, and see if she what’s to finish things off before sharing them.

It is so important to have a creative outlet. I found mine with writing, Lily has her art and Jack likes making videos. He makes some on TikTok at the moment and really wants learn how to make them himself. Click here to see one he made. What’s your creative outlet? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

Lily’s Art Gallery

Lily’s Art Gallery

Have you been looking forward to seeing Lily’s Art? As has been promised for a while, here is the beginning of Lily’s Art Gallery. I believe letting your children show their creative side is so important, just as it is for us adults. For Lily it’s arts and crafts. How do you show your creative side?

I’ve been scratching my head for a while, for the best way to do this, and in the end I’ve decided to start off with this as an opening post. Done like any normal post, and over time I will add more posts, and they will be all saved to the same category. The I’ll put a link on the homepage, that will have all of Lily’s different arts and crafts posts together. So it will be like her own little gallery, and her little corner of this website. To see the full Lily’s Art Gallery section, click here.

All the artwork has been named by Lily, and we both hope you enjoy them. Lily would like to know which one of the pieces of art, that people like the best. Do you have a favourite? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Lily’s Art Gallery
Lily’s Tree
The Calendar Tree
The Amazing Rocket
Lily’s Art Gallery 2
Blobs and Hand

Dad Does Autism

Proud of Lily the Artist

Proud of Lily the Artist

Lily’s on a mission to turn my house into a art gallery…

After the post earlier today, when I was feeling really down in the dumps. I wanted to come back and share positive new, and talk about autism and art. Lily came out of school looking really happy. She said she had a good day. She was very happy that a child had said they would play with her tomorrow. A child she doesn’t normally play with. But she has been mentioning recently.

It seems like she has been trying to make a new friend. And she is succeeding. Which is a huge thing for Lily. She has often said to us. That she can’t make friends. It feels like she is proving to herself that she can. I believe this child is also autistic. Which could be where the common ground is. Or could just be coincidence. I don’t really know.

Autism and Art

So finally we come to the great thing Lily did at school yesterday. That everyone was really proud of her for.

Lily’s Rocket

Over the weekend Lily started making a rocket. It wasn’t a school project. We hadn’t given her the idea to do it. She just took it upon herself to start making it. Most of it she did by herself. She got a bit tired Doing the red and yellow strips. So she got me to help. Then when went to her grandparents. Grandma was roped in as well. Autism and art is something I’ve been reading up on, with Lily taking such a keen interest in art.

Show and tell

When it was finished on Monday. Lily told us she wanted to take it to school. So she could do show & tell. Again, this wasn’t something school had asked her to do. She just wanted to do it. So on Tuesday we took it to school. Off to class she went with it. I wasn’t 100% sure if she would tell them what she wanted to do.

Natalie went to pick her up from school. When they got home. I heard all about it. She had asked to do the show & tell. Lily has always been quiet in class. So her teacher and assistants were absolutely delighted that she wanted to do it. They told Natalie she was brilliant and they were really proud of her. And that all the class gave her a big round of applause.

Lily was bursting with pride when she came to tell me. I had a lump in my throat…

Dad Does Autism