Coming back from hiatus

Coming back from hiatus

Just wanted to put a little post up to say, that I am coming back from hiatus. That’s the plan anyway. To be honest, the break I wanted has ended up being a lot longer than I had planned. This is the third time I have started this post, the first 2 times I never got to the end.

There have been a number of different reasons why. I found the winter in lockdown particularly tough, and so has the rest of the family. There have been so many different challenges, that I just didn’t feel up to doing this. Unfortunately we had another death in the family, with Jack and Lily’s Gran passing away, which has hit them both hard.

The last year has been so difficult for everybody, I just have my fingers crossed that brighter days are ahead.

What’s been happening?

Just a quick run down of what’s been happening whilst I’ve been away. Jack has been doing really well at school, and at home as well. He has coped with his emotions following the death of his Gran incredibly well. The last year a lot of time has been sent on helping Jack express his emotions, and it has been a wonderful success. In my next post I plan to share a great tool we have used for this.

Lily on the other hand has been having a much more difficult time. School is still presenting many challenges, and we have many battles ahead regarding her education. We are at the start (still!) of the process for an Educational Health Care Plan, and I’m sure there will be plenty to share with you from that experience.

Anyway this was just a quick post to say I’m coming back from hiatus. Some proper posts to come soon. As always, thanks for reading

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